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International standard on accessible tourism published



​​​​​​​​​​​The first international standard dedicated to Accessible Tourism, ISO 21902 - Tourism and related services - Tourism accessible for all, was published last 13 July 2021, a document that provides the requirements and guidelines to facilitate access to tourism enjoyment by people of all ages and abilities, including people who may face permanent or temporary accessibility problems (accident victims, pregnant women, families with young children) or have specific access requirements (people with physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities).

Turismo de Portugal followed the development work of this standard, within the scope of CT-144-Tourist Services, in particular the sub-committee on accessibility which includes several entities of the sector.

ISO 21902 is therefore aimed at the whole tourism value chain, from national, regional and local authorities, to catering services, tourist accommodation, travel agencies, tourist entertainment, transport, among others, highlighting the need for all tourism professionals to provide accessible services at the destination, thus providing satisfactory travel experiences for all.

Equally, this international standard aims to promote greater international consistency and clarity on how to make tourism facilities and services more accessible. 
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