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São João da Madeira's industrial tourism celebrates its 10th anniversary

Industrial tourism


​​​​​​​​The São João da Madeira's Industrial Tourism programme celebrates 10 years of activity, accumulating more than 283,000 visitors to museums, factories and other emblematic spaces of the history and economy of this municipality in the district of Aveiro. The project started in 2012. The economic base of S. João da Madeira is concentrated today in a huge industrial diversity - in the so-called traditional industries – which has become evidence. To the footwear and sheet metal sector is added the production of mattresses, car components, among others that stand out in the economic panorama of the city.

In this scenario, in January 2012, the City Council of S. João da Madeira launched an Industrial Tourism project, financed by ON.2, consisting of a set of industrial tourist circuits, with the aim of combining the preservation of the industrial archaeological legacy with the promotion of industries considered traditional and the new creative and technological industries, through visits to different manufacturing units in the municipality.

Its mission is the national and international projection of the municipality of S. João da Madeira and the consolidation and promotion of its tourism dimension linked to industry, enhancing economic and social development, for the benefit of the quality of life of citizens. Thus S. João da Madeira has a consistent tourist dimension, based on the traditional industry, past and present, and the new technological and creative industries.

After conquering a relevant place at a national level, affirming itself as a project of reference for other municipalities, the city's Industrial Tourism intends to extend its circuits to new companies in the municipality and is therefore constantly building new tourist routes.
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