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Turismo de Portugal launches new version of SIGTUR



The new version of Turismo de Portugal's Geographic Information System (SIGTUR) has a fresh new look and more features for simple and intuitive use.

Available in Portuguese and English, the platform also includes new technological solutions in order to increase public reach and use.

// SIGTUR is made up of four areas

_ An interactive viewer that allows you to cross-reference information by theme on the same map and then export the information consulted; for example, you can choose a geographical region and view accommodation near different tourist attractions, such as tourism recreation agents or surf spots;

_ GIS applications with a direct link to open data on accommodation, activities and tourism planning, through which it is possible to search by administrative area, from NUTSII to civil parishes; consult the accumulated number of enterprises and local accommodation; and download data in different formats (e.g. CSV and GeoJSON, among others);

_ Prospective accommodation with a favourable opinion and supply and demand indicators, which include new dashboards and graphs with developments by year;

_ ​​Featured projects on emerging issues and trends in the sector.

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