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New funding lines for projects in the inland territory: +Inland Tourism (+Interior Turismo) Line and Inland Tourism Microcredit (Microcrédito Turismo para o Interior) Line

Funding and investment


​​Turismo de Portugal is making two new credit lines available as a result of the Tourism Agenda for the Inland Territory. With a total budget allocation of 35 million euros, the new lines are of simplified access and are aimed at entities that aim to contribute to the socio-economic development of low-density territories through Tourism.

With the aim of contributing to the preservation and reinforcement of the tourist attractiveness of the territories, the +Inland Tourism Line provides 20 million euros to mobilise value-generating investment for the inland territories, mitigating asymmetries through economic diversification, reinforcement of business capacity, and qualification of the productive fabric through knowledge and innovation.

​​​​​​​​​This line is available to public entities and associations or foundations that wish to create projects that contribute to the sustainable tourism development of these territories, enhancing new strategies for the valorisation of their resources, assets and agents, generating greater levels of tourism attractiveness and promoting their social and economic dynamisation.

The financial support is non-refundable and corresponds to a rate of 70%, with a maximum limit of 400 (four hundred) thousand euros, per project or, in the case of a joint application, per entity.

The Inland Tourism Microcredit Line has 15 million euros to financially support the development of investment projects promoted by micro and small enterprises in the tourism sector, and that contribute to the improvement of their competitiveness, to an adequate and sustainable structuring of the tourism supply and to the qualification of the territories.

Also applicable to projects to be developed in Low-density Territories, micro and small enterprises which main activity is operating shops with a history and establishments promoting the sale of local and regional products, namely certified or with a seal of authenticity, are also covered by this line.

Applications for these support lines are formalised with Turismo de Portugal, through the SGPI Platform.​​

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