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Research Catalogue developed by the Portuguese UNESCO World Geoparks Network

Nature tourism


The Portuguese UNESCO World Geoparks Network has developed a Research Catalogue which aims to attract national and international researchers to these territories of knowledge and science and which enable conditions for the development of scientific and academic projects, provide contact with local communities, offer tourist services and a differentiating cultural and natural heritage.

With the support of Turismo de Portugal, this Research Catalogue provides information on the most relevant research areas in each Geopark, as well as the testimonies of national and foreign researchers and teachers who have worked or are working in these UNESCO sites.

The UNESCO World Geoparks, due to their characteristics and the intrinsic value of their heritage, are true "open-air" laboratories, where scientists, students, teachers and citizens contribute to the deepening of knowledge of the territory itself, researching and producing knowledge in various areas such as: geology; biology; geography; climatology; environment; society; landscape; tourism.

Geoparks thus provide support to research because they facilitate the establishment of contacts with research centres, educational institutions and local agents. On the other hand, they provide guided tours and establish partnerships with various public and private entities with a view to the qualification and enhancement of these territories and constitute networks of partners with restaurants, hotels, tourist entertainment and essential services (public administrative, public and private health services) which, together, allow a more comprehensive territorial experience, combined with the needs of the research to be carried out.​​​​​​​​​​

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