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Portuguese Plastics Pact



Turismo de Portugal is a Founding Institutional Member of the Portuguese Plastics Pact, an initiative coordinated by the Smart Waste Portugal Association. It has the support of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition and Ministry of the Sea. It is also part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Plastics Pacts Network.

Through this membership, Turismo de Portugal became part, together with the different agents of the plastics value chain, the Academy, NGOs and other public bodies, of this network committed to solving the problems associated with plastics and committed to developing actions aimed at achieving a set of ambitious goals and objectives for 2025:

_ define, by 2020, a list of single-use plastics considered problematic or unnecessary and define measures for their elimination;
_ ensure that 100% of plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable;
_ ensure that 70% or more of plastic packaging is actually recycled, through increased collection and recycling;
_ incorporate, on average, 30% recycled plastic in new plastic packaging;
_ promote activities to raise awareness and educate (current and future) consumers on the circular use of plastics.

Plastic pollution, especially in the marine environment and clearly visible on beaches, is one of the greatest environmental challenges faced by the planet today. This is because most of these plastics are produced for single use only and they often end up being discarded without recycling.

By joining this Pact, Turismo de Portugal aims to contribute to overcoming obstacles and making progress in the circular economy of plastics in the tourism sector, as well as promoting efficient waste management in tourism. Indeed, this is one of the goals recommended in the 2027 Tourism Strategy‚Äč.

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