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Portugal 2030

Funding and investment


Portugal 2030

The Portugal 2030 Call for Tenders for the period from September 2023 to August 2024 has been available since the 28th of September 2023, comprising a total of 412 notices for applications, providing access to 6.2 billion euros of EU funds.

The publication guarantees greater transparency and enhances interested parties’ awareness, increasing their access to EU funds.

// What is Portugal 2030?
Portugal 2030 implements the Partnership Agreement between Portugal and the European Commission to invest 23 billion euros of European funds in projects that stimulate and develop the Portuguese economy, between 2021 and 2027.

// How it works
The total amount available to fund projects will be distributed through programmes divided into themes and regions. The scope of each programme will determine the support available and the conditions required of applicants.

// Who can receive support?
_ Individuals
_ Companies
_ Local authorities and other public bodies
_ Cooperatives, associations, charities and other private entities.
The opening notice for each programme will set out the details of those eligible to apply for support.

// Supported themes

Portugal 2030 will support projects that help to achieve:

A Smarter Portugal
Investing in research and innovation, in digitalisation, in the competitiveness and internationalisation of companies, in skills for intelligent specialisation, industrial transition, and entrepreneurship.

A more Connected Portugal
With strategic transport networks, based on a strong commitment to the railway, boosting the mobility of people and goods, as well as the qualification of territories, guaranteeing their attractiveness, competitiveness and insertion into national and international markets.

Portugal Closer to citizens
Close to citizens, supporting local development strategies, promoting social and territorial cohesion, and supporting sustainable urban development based on the concept of network interconnection, centred on people's needs.

A Greener Portugal
Geared towards the green transition, following the climate emergency and incorporating the goals of decarbonisation, energy efficiency and strengthening renewable energies, and supporting innovation, the circular economy and sustainable mobility.

A more Social Portugal
Supporting improved qualifications among the population, equal access to healthcare, promoting quality employment and social inclusion, following the priorities established in the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Portugal +fair transition
To ensure that the transition to a sustainable and carbon-neutral economy is carried out fairly.

// Portugal 2030 Programmes
Portugal 2030 is implemented through the following programmes: 

Themed programmes:
1. People 2030, dedicated to demography, qualifications and inclusion;
2. COMPETE 2030, dedicated to innovation and the digital transition; 
3. Sustainable 2030, dedicated to climate action and sustainability;
4. Sea 2030; 

_ Regional Programmes, corresponding to the NUTS II areas of Mainland Portugal:
5. North 2030;
6. Centre 2030;
7. Lisbon 2030;
8. Alentejo 2030;
9. Algarve 2030;

_ Programmes in the Portuguese Islands:
10. Azores 2030;
11. Madeira 2030; 

_ Other Programmes:
12. PAT 2030 — Technical Assistance Programme;

In addition to these, Portugal also participates in several European Territorial Cooperation Programmes.
In the field of tourism, support is provided in various contexts and relating to various priorities:​


// Regarding COMPETE 2030 also known as the Innovation and Digital Transition Programme (PITD)

Priority: 1A. Innovation and Competitiveness | MORE COMPETITIVE
_ Strategic Goal: a smarter and more competitive Europe (through the promotion of an innovative and smart economic transformation and ICT connectivity at regional level)
_ Specific Goals:
_ develop and strengthen research and innovation capacities and the adoption of advanced technologies – R&I
_ take advantage of digitalisation for citizens, companies, research organisations and public authorities – Digital Transition
_ strengthen the sustainable growth and competitiveness of SMEs, and create jobs in SMEs, including through productive investments~

Priority: 2A. Energy Transition | GREENER
_ Strategic Goal: a greener Europe (low-carbon, transitioning to a resilient economy with net zero carbon emissions, through the promotion of a clean and equitable energy transition, green and blue investments and the circular economy, mitigating and adapting to climate change, preventing and managing risks and urban mobility)
_ Specific goal: promote renewable energy (in accordance with Directive (EU) 2018/2001 [1], including the sustainability criteria established therein)

Priority: 4A. Skills for competitiveness | + SOCIAL
_ Strategic Goal: a more social Europe (through the application of the European Pillar of Social Rights – Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union)
_ Specific goal: promote the adaptation of workers, companies, and entrepreneurs to change, active and healthy ageing, and a healthy and well-adapted work environment able to prevent health risks;

The Portuguese Development Bank (BPF) is a central element in the implementation of public policies to support business development and investment. Given that incentive schemes of a hybrid nature still exist in Portugal, it is possible to combine the application of Cohesion Policy funds with the actions of the BPF, within the scope of the Bank’s role as a national partner in the implementation of InvestEU. The support provided in this context will be in the form of a grant and/or financial instrument, as described in the specific sections of each type of action, and will be complementary to those provided for in the PRR and the Regional OPs in Mainland Portugal, per the terms detailed in the description of each specific goal.
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