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Formação +Próxima (Closer Training) Programme

Capacity building


​​// Framework of the Formação +Próxima Programme​​​​​​​

The Formação +Próxima Programme, presented on 25 November 2021, is an initiative of Turismo de Portugal, aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, middle managers and operational staff, which aims to contribute to greater knowledge of municipalities and their agents, through upskilling and reskilling processes that contribute to adding value to the local business fabric and their territories. The programme aims to be an instrument for attracting talent, qualifying people from other sectors and/or unemployed people who want to enter the tourism sector. 

This is a project developed by the Schools of Turismo de Portugal, in partnership with local authorities as agents closer to local realities and mobilisers of the strategic change that is intended to be achieved in the territory in which they operate, with a view to training in the “art of hospitality” through the development of training content in the areas of soft and hard skills. 

The aim is to decentralise tourism training and adapt it to local needs, throughout the national territory, to the diversity of companies in the sector and extend it to the entire tourism value chain, in a training programme that is closer to the people and the needs of the territories. 

// Training within the framework of Formação +Próxima

The programmes vary between 50 and 200 hours of training and are tailored to each territory. To this end, Turismo de Portugal, in partnership with each municipality, draws up a diagnosis of specific training needs for each territory, creates a training plan that meets the needs of the tourism activity of the respective municipality and a complementary plan that contributes to the valorisation of the territory and to the training of the technicians of the municipality and/or partner entities. 

See the list of training initiatives available at the Digital Academy under this Programme.

// Framework of the Open to Ukraine Programme

This Programme has a new line of action entitled Open to Ukraine: Programme for the reception and integration of refugees from Ukraine in the tourism sector, in order to respond to the urgent need to welcome and integrate Ukrainian refugees who are arriving in Portugal, due to the war situation in their country. In addition to other support services made available to these people through the municipality that hosts them.

The objectives of this line of action are:
_ Promote a hospitality experience in Portugal and in the Tourism sector;
_ Make Portugal known: Language, Territory and Heritage;
_ Make Portuguese products and flavours known;
_ Facilitate personal and professional development;
_ Promote employability in the Tourism sector.

The training initiatives are aimed at Ukrainian refugees and/or other migrants. 

// Training within the framework of Open to Ukraine

There will be 6 different courses that can be taken independently or in itinerary mode, according to the needs identified:
_ Portuguese Welcome - 25 hours
_ Portuguese Hospitality and Tourism - 25 hours
_ English Hospitality and Tourism - 25 hours
_ B. I. Portugal - 12 hours
_ Portuguese Products and Flavours- 15 hours
_ Personal and Professional Development - 8 hours

All the training will be given in person, Closer to People, and articulated directly with the host municipality that identifies the needs and promotes the respective enrolments.

Check the available training initiatives, in the Digital Academy​, under the Open to Ukraine: Programme for the reception and integration of refugees from Ukraine in the tourism sector.​​


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